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Age Restricted
Chris Lynam EricTheFred 12+
Cie 111/Bory/Ito Plexus 10+
Gecko Institute 14+
Knights of the Invisible Black Regent 12+
Theatre Ad Infinitum Light 12+
Trygve Wakenshaw Kraken 16+

Circus skills
Barely Methodical Troupe Bromance
Circus Ronaldo Amortale
Joli Vyann Stateless
Lonely Circus Fall, Fell, Fallen
Oktobre Oktobre
NoFit State Circus Noodles

Family Friendly
Barely Methodical Troupe Bromance 8+
Circus Ronaldo Amortale 8+
Gandini Juggling/RB 4 x 4 8+
Lonely Circus Fall, Fell, Fallen 8+
Mat Ricardo Showman 8+
NoFit State Circus Noodles 4+
Thomas Monckton/Circo AereoThe Pianist 5+

Cie 111/Bory/Ito Plexus
Knights of the Invisible Black Regent
Peeping Tom 32 Rue Vandenbranden
Theatre Re Blind Man’s Song

Basil Twist Dogugaeshi
Circus Ronaldo Amortale

For people who are deaf/hearing impaired

All shows have a visual narrative, with little or no use of text, except Mat Ricardo Showman, which will have a BSL interpreted performance on Wed 21 Jan.

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