The 2017 Festival

Welcome to our 40th anniversary season!

Among a host of premieres and artists new to the festival, we’re delighted to bring back some of visual theatre’s most admired names in this special year including acrobat-genius Mathurin Bolze (Cie MPTA), Charleroi Danses’ Kiss & Cry and Mossoux Bonté, German Mask-theatre experts Familie Flöz, and Gandini Juggling with a hugely expanded version of its glorious Pina Bausch tribute, Smashed.
Elsewhere there’s surrealist Greek glam live art, manga-inspired drama from Italy, and extraordinary object theatre exploring neuroscience, exile, arson and the Shakespeare authorship debate. And much more!
LIMF is one of the UK’s longest established international theatre festivals, its essentially wordless programme cutting edge and defying categorization. Book early to avoid disappointment!  Start here or click a box below

Charleroi Danses © Maarten_Vanden_Abeele
Compagnie MPTA © Christophe Raynaud De Lage
Dewey Dell © Bernhard Müller / Szene Salzburg - Wolfgang Silveri / Steirischer Herbst
Euripides Laskaridis © Miltos Athanasiou
Familie Flöz © Gabriele Zucca / Simona Boccedi / Valeria Tomasulo
Gandini Juggling © Claudine Quinn / Ludovic des Cognets
Joli Vyann © Movingproductions photography
Leandre © Vincent Vanhecke
Les Antliaclastes © JP Estournet
Mossoux Bonté © Mikha Wajnrych
Nordic Puppet Ambassadors © Anssi Jokiranta / Outi Sippola
Plexus Polaire © Claire Leroux / Fanchon Bilbille/ Kristin Aafløy Opdan
Sacekripa © Vincent d'Eaubonne
Silver Lining @ Ineptgravity / Karl Rabbitt
Stephen Mottram © David Fisher
Theatre Re © Richard Davenport
Thomas Monckton © Aurélia Tassafi / Gemma Tweedie