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The London International Mime Festival was founded in 1977 and has become one of the world’s most influential visual theatre festivals. More history >

2015 reviews

Matt Truman
****Bromance, Platform Theatre, London
"The 2015 London International Mime Festival kicks off with the debut show by 'Britain's hottest young acrobats'"
"This is what happens when you invest in an art form over time: you get brilliant emerging artists capable of opening a major international festival with their debut. Bromance is real coup for British circus - watchable, wry and utterly winning. Barely Methodical aren't quite the finished article, but they are its next big thing.
" more >

Lyn Gardner The Guardian
"A festival where the most interesting work often has a metaphysical quality"

****4 x 4  Gandini Juggling
"Gandini turn juggling into a jaw-dropping game of chess"
"This is a show of elegant, wistful beauty, in which the spatial becomes something you can almost reach out and touch. At times it feels like a game of chess. Like much of Gandini’s work, it has a cool gaze but never a cold heart, while it obsessively and wittily looks for the meaning of life in the mathematical patterns of bodies and sound."
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"The gorgeous Circus Ronaldo are at the Southbank Centre with Amortale, the story of Adam and Eve" more >

Sarah Hemming Financial Times
****Kraken, Soho Theatre, London;
****Bromance, Platform Theatre, London
"Two shows at the London International Mime Festival skilfully expand and subvert the genre" more >


past reviews

'In these sluggish January days, the London International Mime Festival continues to provide a welcome burst of (silent) clamour'
Evening Standard

'The London International Mime Festival might seem a bit of a mouthful as a title. But really it’s a remarkable feat of compression given that it ought to be called “Things That Have Grabbed the Attention of Co-Directors Helen Lannaghan and Joseph Seelig That Others Might Label Variously Dance, Performance Art, Circus and Puppetry, Not Always From Abroad, Sometimes With Talking'
Daily Telegraph

'A fabulous event'
Business Review Europe

'Marketing the London International Mime Festival must be an annual headache. What is it, for a start? It might be easier to say what it isn't, but even that involves qualification. It's certainly not a poor man's Cirque du Soleil, nor a three-week season of euro-zoners feeling their way round invisible boxes.'
The Independent

'I am, once again, very lucky to be in London during the International Mime Festival... I wish I had a chance to see all of the shows in the festival... I am excited and encouraged, as always, to have a glimpse of the evolution of circus arts here in Great Britain.'
Running Away With the Circus

'The most resolutely outward looking of the UK's visual theatre festivals... LIMF has been running for over 30 years and a look back at the programme archive proves their eye for picking the greats before they've made it. In London, and more widely, the country, it's unchallenged in size and reach.'
Sideshow Circus Magazine

'A must-see programme of physical and visual theatre work, from the UK and from around the world.'
Total theatre Magazine























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