Accessible Performances 2020

    Accessible Performances 2020

    These are perfect for any audience member who would benefit from a more comfortable environment, including those on the Autistic Spectrum and those with learning disabilities. The companies encourage and create an atmosphere where everyone feels safe and able to react to a show as they wish. During these performances, audience members are able to leave and re-enter the theatre at any time and house lights will be raised so the auditorium is not completely dark. There may also be a few adjustments to the production (including sound and lighting) to ensure that the performance is as accessible as possible.
    Sun 12 Jan: Ockham’s RazorThis Time 3pm download the programme >
    Thu 16 Jan: Told by an IdiotCharlie and Stan 3pm
    Sat 18 Jan: String TheatreThe Water Babies 11am

    Wed 15 Jan: Ockham’s RazorThis Time, by Jeni Draper
    Tue 21 Jan: The PappyShowBOYS by Kam Deo
    Wed 22 Jan: Still HungryRaven, by Jeni Draper
    Fri 24 Jan: Peeping TomChild, by Martin Fox-Roberts
    Sat 25 Jan: Opposable ThumbCoulrophobia, by Jeni Draper
    Thu 30 Jan: Kiss & Cry CollectiveCold Blood, by Martin Fox-Roberts

    The following events contain little or no spoken text
    Compagnie HMG3D
    Fleur Elise NobleROOMAN
    Galactik EnsembleOptraken
    Joli VyannAnima
    Nick LehaneChimpanzee
    String TheatreThe Water Babies
    The Slapstick Homefilm
    Told by an IdiotCharlie and Stan
    Trygve WakenshawOnly Bones v1.4
    Vamos TheatreDead Good
    Wes PedenZebra

    For the following two shows a copy of the spoken text will be available with the programme sheet:
    La PendueTria Fata Performed in French, with English sur-titles
    Thick & TightRomancing the Apocalypse download a pdf of the text >

    Download programmes in advance for all shows here >

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