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15 January, 2021

Interviews & Reviews 2021

14 January, 2021

Free Talks 2021

Between Monday 18 and Friday 29 January LIMF will host a series of talks at 7pm GMT each weekday evening. They feature artists talking about specific shows and other creators talking more generally about their work and inspiration. In addition, Jacqui Beckford will lead a special session explaining what to consider when booking a British Sign Language interpreted performance.
14 January, 2021
The Pappy Show

Workshops 2021

In January 2021 LIMF is presenting an extended workshop series for all levels, running throughout the month, led by top visual theatre professionals Blind Summit, Les Bubb, Angela de Castro, Avner Eisenberg, David Glass, Nola Rae, The PappyShow, Theatre Re and Told by an Idiot. Please note that, due to the tighter lockdown, no live workshops will now take place. Read on for full details.
14 January, 2021

5 Short Films

13 January, 2021

Videotheque 1
1990 – 1999

12 January, 2021

Videotheque 2
2000 – 2009

11 January, 2021

Videotheque 3
2010 – 2020

10 January, 2021
Jacqui Beckford

PhysicalStoryTellers 2021

MEET THE PHYSICAL THEATRE STORY TELLERS The festival may be taking a different form this year but there is still plenty going on behind the scenes […]
10 January, 2021

Festival Co-Commission:
Vamos Theatre’s Love Through Double-Glazing

Vamos Theatre is Britain’s most popular mask theatre company and a regular participant at LIMF in recent years. The festival is delighted to have co-commissioned its […]
06 October, 2017

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