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Heather Henson

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Open Sky Theatre
12 Jan - 6 Feb
Theatre Re
12 Jan - 6 Feb

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World Premiere
Wed 12 - Sat 6 Feb
Link will go live here on 12 Jan >

Runs: 57 mins
Age Guidance: 14+
LIMF is delighted to share a collection of five independent short puppet films commissioned by Heather Henson's Handmade Puppet Dreams Film Series, including three films made during the 2020 pandemic by Julie Elkins (Playing Opossum), Myra Su (Goodnight Shadow), and Vanessa Valliere (Gut Feelings) as well as films by Raymond Carr (Hitori) and Jonathan Langager (Cosmic Fling).

Handmade Puppet Dreams is a traveling film series that promotes independent artists exploring their handmade craft specifically for the screen. These films all focus on real-time puppetry, and allow artists to build their vision, and then breathe life into their dreams.

Founded in 2004, Handmade Puppet Dreams now includes seven main volumes of films, two volumes for families, and many unique collections. With this series, Heather Henson with producer Alex U. Griffin have set out to showcase a new generation of puppeteers and puppet artists who embrace film as a medium for artistic expression.

Heather Henson is a contemporary puppet artist whose work promotes harmony and healing for the planet through artistic spectacle and discussion. Backed by a degree from Rhode Island School of Design and studies at CalArts in 2000, Heather created a multi-platform production company entitled IBEX Puppetry to honour the creativity in herself and others.

"I am pleased to report that Handmade Puppet Dreams, produced by Heather Henson, keeps [her parents Jane and Jim Hensons] legacy in perfect tack... and wonderfully showcase the versatility and artistry of this form of storytelling”
Film Threat

"The Muppets may no longer belong to The Jim Henson Company, but the late puppeteer’s daughter, Heather Henson, is far from finished with puppetry as an art form... all of the shorts bring something new to the table. Some add animation to enhance the storytelling, while others seemingly strip the artifice away from the puppetry by allowing the manipulations and even the puppeteers themselves to operate in plain sight" Nerdist
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“I know what you are thinking. This is a Henson production, so all the shorts must in the style of the Muppets or Fraggles, right? Oh, how wrong that is”

“A terrific collection of films in which Heather Henson’s intentions are well met. If you like puppets and you like stories, this is one collection worth checking out”