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Interviews & Reviews 2020

Peeping Tom
The Stage 4 star review >

"The final instalment of Peeping Tom’s neurotically fraught family-based trilogy, Child (Kind) is the most daringly dark of them all, unsparing in its juxtaposition of violent imagery and pitch-black humour...Hugely inventive"
**** Anna Winter 23 Jan 2020

Wes Peden
ReviewsHub 4 star review >

"What Peden achieves is beyond impressive and, at times, like a magic trick...the most technically incredible juggler in the world. If any of Peden’s routines were to be on a Britain’s Got Talent type of variety show it would undoubtedly be the next day’s water cooler moment in every office in the country"
**** Jay Nuttall 21 Jan 2020
Peeping Tom
Guardian 4 star review >

"It has a characteristically stunning set: a forest of pines on one side, a cliff of rock on the other. … every scene grips on its own, with great use of sound and set, brilliantly watchable performers"
**** Sanjoy Roy 23 Jan 2020

Trygve Wakenshaw
Plays To See 4 star Review >

"Only Bones 1.4 is a compelling mime show and a joy to behold."
**** Blake Gordon Plante 16 Jan 2020
Still Hungry
Guardian review >

"In this acrobatic theatre show, the Berlin circus trio Still Hungry juggle roles and wrestle with all the anxieties and expectations that come with child-rearing"
*** Lyndsey Winship 23 Jan 2020

The PappyShow
Guardian Review >

"Part confessional, part standup, part community theatre, it is by turns taut, scrappy, hard-hitting, offhand, deeply felt – and always personable.."
*** Sanjoy Roy 21 Jan 2020
Nick Lehane
New Scientist feature >

"Man raised alongside chimps says it should never happen again" - Nick Lehane's performance piece, Chimpanzee, in London for the first time, reveals how tragedy stalked the amazing achievement of raising chimps in human families.
Simon Ings 21 Jan 2020

Fleur Elise Noble
The Times 4 star Review >

"Deliciously disorientating, like being catapulted into a moving, multidimensional collage or a graphic novel that has sprung to life. A magical reflection on loneliness through puppetry and dance"
**** Sam Marlowe 17 Jan 2020
La Pendue
Plays To See review >

"Tria Fata uses bunraku puppets, shadow puppetry, and a dabbling of physical performance with occasional mask-work, supported by a one man band. It’s a sweet, dark, and quirky tale."
*** Blake Gordon Plante 21 Jan 2020

Told by an Idiot
Guardian 4 star Review >

"Vitale, who brings Chaplin – that odd rolling walk; the knowingly innocent expression – to uncanny life. Jerone Marsh-Reid is a similarly endearing presence as Laurel, whose gangly physicality contrasts nicely with the pocket-sized Chaplin, on whom he dotes. This fantasia is seldom less than magical."
**** Brian Logan 16 Jan 2020
Told by an Idiot
Daily Telegraph 4 star Review >

"ultimately this invention-stuffed and music-crammed show (hats off to tireless pianist Sara Alexander) delivers what mime does best – total clarity in terms of movement but an abiding mystery as to what’s fully being said. A treat, silly and sublime"
**** Dominic Cavendish 16 Jan 2020

Fleur Elise Noble
Guardian Review >

"Hand-drawn backgrounds with defined pencil marks, realistic film, silhouettes, puppets and extravagantly costumed dancers. It’s like all the layers of a person’s experience – sleeping, waking, conscious, subconscious – coexisting... Its dreamlike detachment makes it difficult to love, but this highly original show is strikingly distinctive"
*** Lindsey Winship 15 Jan 2020
Compagnie HMG
Circus Diaries Review >

"In addition to Guichard’s dry but oddly charismatic presence, I found the show captivating as his movement and balances around the kit were quite ingenious....3D has a lovely sense of cohesion"
Olivia Buben 14 Jan 2020

Trygve Wakenshaw
The Times Review >

"This former Edinburgh Festival Comedy Awards nominee shows a devotion to creating a sense of event... at upending expectations that is delivered with extraordinary charm and originality"
*** Dominic Maxwell 13 Jan 2020
Thick & Tight
The Stage 5 Star Review >

"Rambert-trained duo Daniel Hay-Gordon and Eleanor Perry – aka Thick and Tight – pull a blinder with their latest showcase of lip-syncing physical portraiture, so deft in its blend of parody and pathos."
***** Anna Winter 13 Jan 2020

Ockham's Razor
The Guardian 4 Star Review >

"This is a lovely show, light in touch but deep in meaning... there is a thread of joy throughout... connecting in the moment with each other and the audience."
**** Lyndsey Winship 10 Jan 2020
Ockham's Razor
The Stage 4 Star Review >

"Something of a gem."
**** Ka Bradley 10 Jan 2020