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Videotheque 1
1990 – 1999

LIMF has so far presented 729 productions over its 44-year history. Whilst we fully acknowledge and agree that what we present is best experienced live, we wanted to bring you something in place of the 2021 festival - perhaps a chance to catch shows you've missed, or that you’d like to see again, or perhaps to experience the festival for the first time if you’ve never been able to travel to London.

Video technology was in its infancy when the festival started back in 1977, so very little footage exists from the first two decades and what there is is of fairly poor quality. It wouldn’t do the artists justice to show any of that work. In fact, you will be able to mark the improvement in video quality as the years go by.

This is by no means intended to be ’The Best of LIMF’. Many regular festival performers just don’t have work they are comfortable to share digitally. Rather, it’s a selection of shows that represent the breadth and richness of the visual theatre world of LIMF, which we hope you will enjoy. Huge thanks go to all the featured artists for their generosity in letting us watch their work digitally - we applaud you and we hope we can all sit in theatres again soon to do that in person.

You can watch these videos on our YouTube channel for free from 7pm 18 January until midnight 31 January 2021. Jos Houben's Art of Laughter is available on 23 January only. Gecko and Peeping Tom videos are available for 3 days only. Nola Rae and Philippe Genty videos are also available throughout February
Main Image: Compagnie Philippe Genty Forget Me Not photo © Pascal François

Elizabeth's Last Stand

LIMF 1991
Runs 84 mins

Watch from 18 Jan >
(Video also available during Feb)

Space Panorama

LIMF 1991, 1999
Runs 24 mins
English closed captions available

Watch from 18 Jan >

3 Knocks on the Door*

LIMF 1992, 2007, 2014
Runs 55 mins
* This is a documentary film of Genty’s work by Kevin Lucas

Watch from 18 Jan >
(Video also available during Feb)

Quatre Mains

LIMF 1998
Runs 60 mins

Watch from 18 Jan >

The Letter

LIMF 1999, 2000
Runs 67 mins

Watch from 18 Jan >

Mozart Preposteroso!

LIMF 1999, 2008
Runs 77 mins

Watch from 18 Jan >
(Video also available during Feb)


LIMF 1999
Runs 62 mins

Watch from 18 Jan >