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Marcello Magni
In the course of its 44 year history, LIMF has presented 729 productions.

With the impossibility of staging live performances in January 2021 we took the opportunity to explore our back catalogue, looking for recordings of past productions that we felt would work online. We wanted to offer a chance to watch shows that you’d missed, or might want to see again, or perhaps experience the festival for the first time.
Video technology was in its infancy when the festival started back in 1977. Very little footage exists from our first two decades and what there is, mostly of poor quality. Showing any of this work would not have done justice to those artists. Happily things improved greatly in later years. What we selected for the Videotheque was not intended to represent ‘the best of LIMF’, rather a choice to represent the breadth and richness of the visual theatre world that LIMF promotes and celebrates. We applaud all the featured artists for allowing us to show their work digitally - we truly hope that we can all sit in theatres soon to do that in person.

The Videotheque was free to access between 18-31 January 2021, and more than 100,000 people did! If you'd like to see the full list of productions, click on the relevant archive link. The Nola Rae and Philippe Genty videos below are still available.

Main Image: Peeping Tom Mother (Moeder) photo © Herman Sorgeloos

Elizabeth's Last Stand

LIMF 1991
Runs 84 mins

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3 Knocks on the Door*

LIMF 1992, 2007, 2014
Runs 55 mins
* This is a documentary film of Genty’s work by Kevin Lucas

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(tablet or desktop view only)

Mozart Preposteroso!

LIMF 1999, 2008
Runs 77 mins

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Exit Napoleon, Pursued by Rabbits

LIMF 2005
Runs 67 mins

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