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Workshops 2021

Led by top physical and visual theatre professionals, the LIMF’21 workshops catered for all levels of experience and ran throughout January. Due to the stricter lockdown, all courses had to be moved online, or, in the case of Angela De Castro, postponed. We were delighted that the teachers rose to the challenge and were joined by participants from across the world - from China to Canada, Reunion to Hungary. Everything was fully booked, with requests for repeat courses to accommodate even more of you.
The line-up included Nola Rae’s Upgrade Your Clown; Les Bubb’s Playing with the Invisible - A Crash Course in Mime; Told by an Idiot’s Building The Chaos, and three courses run in partnership with Shoreditch Town Hall; The PappyShow’s How We Play and Move, Theatre Re’s corporeal mime-based Falling Man, and David Glass Ensemble Learning’s Devised and Physical Object Theatre. American vaudeville performer, clown, mime, juggler and sleight of hand magician Avner Eisenberg (‘astonishing and funny, a clown for the thinking man" New York Magazine) presented his Introduction to Eccentric Performing, approaching performing and creating comic material from a fresh perspective.

Angela de Castro’s two clowning workshops How To Be Stupid and How To Be Even More Stupid had to be postponed until summer’21.

We’ll be back with more online courses next January, alongside live ones we hope.

Main Image: The PappyShow photo © DinaT