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Accessible Performances


These are perfect for any audience member who would benefit from a more comfortable environment, including those on the Autistic Spectrum and those with learning disabilities. The companies encourage and create an atmosphere where everyone feels safe and able to react to a show as they wish. During these performances, audience members are able to leave and re-enter the theatre at any time and house lights will be raised so the auditorium is not completely dark. There may also be a few adjustments to the production (including sound and lighting) to ensure that the performance is as accessible as possible.
Sat 15 Jan 3pm Gandini Juggling - Life
Sun 23 Jan 5pm The Pappy Show - What Do You See?
Sat 29 Jan 2.30pm Thick & Tight - Short & Sweet
Sun 30 Jan 11am String Theatre - The Red Balloon

Sat 15 Jan 5pm Nikki & JD - Knot. Interpreted by Jeni Draper
Wed 19 Jan 7.30pm Jean-Daniel Broussé - (le) Pain. Interpreted by Martin Fox-Roberts
Thu 20 Jan 8pm The PappyShow - What Do You See? Interpreted by
Jacqui Beckford
Sat 22 Jan 7.30pm Nikki Rummer - Unbroken. Interpreted by Jeni Draper
Sun 23 Jan 3pm Opposable Thumb - Big Boys Don't Cry. Interpreted by Martin Fox-Roberts
Thu 27 Jan 7.45pm Thick & Tight - Short & Sweet. Interpreted by Jacqui Beckford
Fri 28 Jan 7.30pm Barely Methodical Troupe - Kin. Interpreted by Jeni Draper
Sun 30 Jan 3pm Charmaine Childs - Power. Interpreted by Jeni Draper
Fri 4 Feb 7.45pm Vanishing Point - Interiors. Interpreted by Jacqui Beckford

Fri 14 Jan 8pm Gandini Juggling - Life
Thu 27 Jan 7.30pm Barely Methodical Troupe - Kin

All events will have a free After-show discussion after one performance. These discussions will all be BSL interpreted. Full details on each event page and also HERE >

The following events contain little or no spoken text:
Gandini Juggling - Life
Theatre Re - Bluebelle
Sadiq Ali - The Chosen Haram
String Theatre - The Red Balloon
Compagnie 111 - aSH

For the following show a copy of the spoken text will be downloadable:
Stereoptik - Stellaire

All events will have FREE PROGRAMMES that you can download in advance